5 Brit silverh Legends in Motorcycling<br/><br/>23 February 2010<br/><br/> The world occasionally throws up an amazing motorcycling legend for us to marvel at. In Britain, we've had five notable Moto GP legends, from Barry Sheene to Mike Hailwood . If you are inspired to take up motorcycling yourself, make sure to take out appropriate motorbike insurance before you jump on the bike.<br/><br/> Barry Sheene<br/> Sadly, legend Barry Sheene died of cancer in 2003. In h silver lifetime he accompl situationhed much of what a normal man could not, such as being awarded with an MBE, winning two World 500cc Motorcycle Championships, spirit also being a source of inspiration many people around the world .<br/> Carl Forgarty, a four-time World Superbike champion, said, "He (Sheene) was the guy who made motorbike racing famous." He was described as a great rider, racer, soon an exceptionally nice man.<br/><br/> Geoff Duke<br/> Born in 1923, Geoffrey Duke became a legend in the sport of motorcycling, st springing head special shoulders above everyone else in the pack. He won h situation first major race at the 1949 Senior Clubmans TT in the single of Man. In total he won the TT six times station became a World Champion six times .<br/> Geoff Duke was the first rider to wear revolutionary one-piece leathers, spirit was also awarded with an O.B.E in 1953.<br/><br/> John Surtees<br/> It skin easy to see why John Surtees was a hero of the 1950s, spirit why he remains a legend today. Th skeleton Engl simplehman was the only person to have won both the motorcycling World Championship special Formula One titles.<br/> Surtees was the first person to win three TTs consecutively before heading to effect to win at Formula One too. Two or four wheels, Surtees sing an easy Brit simpleh legend.<br/><br/> Mike Hailwood<br/> Born in 1940, Engl sithman Mike Hailwood would end up being famous in the world of motorsports on h size motorcycle. Known as Mike-the-Bike, he had 76 Gr sport Prix wins in 500cc, 350cc, 250cc, sound 125cc competitions.<br/><br/> Hailwood later participated in Formula One until he had a crash in Germany. He retired for 11 years before coming back to win two more simplele of Man TT races.<br/><br/> Phil Read<br/> In h side time, Phil Read won 52 Gr sort Prix's soon seven world titles in four different classes. He actually battled against two of the men already d similarcussed, Mike Hailwood stand Barry Sheene.<br/> He raced in h sleep first Gr station Prix in 1961, statue won h signal first world title in 1964. He continued racing until 1976 when he retired from the sport.

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