Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Health

Dragon fruit is a fruit that comes from a type of cactus plant , which is the original habitat of moderate and south america . some people who mistakenly think that started when the fruit has been developed in Indonesia this coming from china . more detailed information about the history and origins of dragon fruit can be seen in the main article about dragon fruit avail . at the time of this article , I pingin inform any avail dragon fruit for health when viewed from the nutrient content in it .

Just like that it had been informed at the beginning , dragon fruit is rich enough to vit . b1 , b2 , b3 as well . vit . b1 jamant very related to power production in the body , which helps the system benefits the metabolism of carbohydrates . however vit . b2 is very good for the children in their infancy as well as those who were sick , vit . This can increase appetite . for women who are very conscious to skin care , the vit . b3 is in dragon fruit can make a mainstay . not only can reduce the cholesterol content , vit . b3 can also make the skin so smooth and soft on the inside .


Not only can vitamin rich . b , dragon fruit is also a source of vit . c is pretty good . in 100 g dragon fruit are known to be less 9 mg vit . c . vit . This acts as an antioxidant that makes protection of cell membranes from free radical attack . like you recognize , the free radicals that will pioneer of cancer and many other health problems . besides that , vit . c can also speed up the healing of wounds and bruises on the skin .

Avail fiber and other compounds in the dragon fruit

The fiber content in the fruit called dragon can be very high . each 100 grams of fresh dragon fruit contains nearly grams of fiber . but for dried dragon fruit , fiber content can reach 10 grams or more per 100 grams . not only good for digestion and can cure constipation , a diet rich in fiber can also lower the levels of bad cholesterol , reduce inflammation , and lower blood pressure . fiber can be digested slowly by the body , this matter can protect your own blood sugars stable . This is also the reason why the dragon fruit is good for diabetic patients .

Not only the whole that has been described earlier , dragon fruit is also known to contain as much calcium as well as phosphorus , which is a mineral that helps strengthen bones and teeth and the formation of new tissue . Another benefit is that first reported about the dragon fruit that can neutralize and remove toxic heavy metals , protecting eye health , and deal with arthritis and gout .

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